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If you eat carbs, sugar, processed food, or cook with seed oil, your diet is NOT healthy. I've been carnivore and low carb for a year now, beef, dairy, eggs and porridge with a spoonful of raw honey for breakfast. Shed pounds without trying (all unneeded visceral fat), BMI c 20.5 (am 6'5" and was 14 stone for years, now 12.5. We have special scales that measure a variety of things (inc. BMI) - My pulse wave velocity has dropped from c10 to 8.8 in a year.


"Assessing the stiffness of the arteries could help identify patients most at risk of dying from Covid-19, new research has revealed.

Estimated pulse wave velocity (ePWV), a readily available marker of aortic stiffening, has been shown to be an effective addition in identifying patients at risk of death in hospital due to the virus."

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Ectomorphs lose weight pretty easily. My guess is your diet was terrible and it's now more disciplined.

Carbs are not unhealthy.

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In excess and combined with fat (i.e. almost all processed food) oh yes they are. Cause of obesity, junk food of that nature

Actually. my diet was excellent even before I went Carnivore and low carb

Home made sourdough, a loaf a week.

All meat and dairy local grass fed. Raw milk when I can get to the farm (oh glory). Local eggs.

No processed food. Only food with barcodes, coffee and my favourite French butter, in reality now the ONLY food I buy from our local supermarket. No veg, as you don't need them and the oxylates and leptins damage you. Haven't eaten a veg in over 6 months. No scurvy.

And that's it. Simple, very low food waste, and locally sourced. And no need for medics to interfere.

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Sorry about that. Your assumptions probably say more about you than me ;-)

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You: "If you eat carbs <...> your diet is NOT healthy."

Me: Carbs are not unhealthy.

You: "In excess and combined with fat <...> oh yes they are. "

... uh huh.

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Small amounts of carbs and a healthy lifestyle will be no problem. There is mounting evidence that it is the combination of carbs and fats, often in the form of extremely inflammatory seed oils, is a major factor in obesity.

Check the medical papers. Or insult me. I don't give a flying.

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I know I am stepping on your keto toes. I did keto for a while, btw, I am well aware of what it is and how it works. It was ok, but I can get the same effect from eating a balanced diet. I don't go around telling people what they're eating is unhealthy though, when it patently isn't.

I pointed out that what you said that I disagreed with (carbs are unhealthy) was then changed significantly to something quite different (excess carbs with fats are unhealthy).

If you find that insulting, well. That says more about you than me ;-)

Excess anything is unhealthy. Adding fat is not even necessary, but most likely exacerbates the unhealthiness of excess anything.

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I went from 33 BMI to 23 BMI in a year. The most important aspect of a diet is that it is something you can stick to. If it's too complicated or takes too much effort to stick to, you won't and that's where diets fail. The actual construction of the diet itself is immaterial.

Given the missus is a good cook, it should be relatively straight forward to implement something that works. IME best calorie deficit is around 300-500 kCal / week.

All you really need is the desire. I wish you well in your endeavour.

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